The Vital Role of Nutrition During Traumatic Brain Injury Healing

The Holistic Navigator speaks with Dr. Dan Engle. Dr. Engle is an international lecturer, Medical Director of The Revive Treatment Centers of America, and medical adviser to Onnit labs and several other institutions. His 2017 book Concussion Repair Manual has received praise from many in the medical realm and an excellent guidebook for anyone looking for more information on healing from a concussion. Today we’re covering the important role proper diet, nutrition, and supplementation can play in the prevention and healing of head injuries.


  • What is a traumatic brain injury? (4:15)

  • How can we address traumatic brain injury through nutrition? (11:45)

  • What foods should we be consuming to be healing? (16:01)

  • After cleaning up your diet, what is the next step in recovering from a TBI? (30:30)

  • Do these same protocols work for children that may have brain development issues? (39:25)

  • What supplements should we take when recovering from a TBI? (42:47)

Listen to the podcast here

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