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By age 23, Dr. Dan Engle had sustained 6 major concussions from sports and one broken neck.

After his last accident, doctors told him he’d never have a ’normal’ functioning brain again. That’s when he decided to devote his life to understanding how to heal from his concussions and optimize his brain. Since then, Dr. Dan has helped athletes, doctors and every day people all over the world rapidly recover from traumatic brain injuries.

He has become widely known as the expert in the realms of concussion repair and TBI’s. He’s been featured on the Tim Ferriss podcast, Joe Mercola show, Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Ben Greenfield podcast, Becoming Superhuman podcast and others.

His book, The Concussion Repair Manual was published in 2016 by Lifestyle Entrepreneur Press.

When he’s not working, he likes climbing, soccer, making bone broths and playing the didgeridoo.

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