Congratulations! You Qualify For A Scholarship To Join Dr. Dan’s New Program. Watch This Video To Learn More

Congratulations! Based on your application, we’ve selected you for a $248.50 scholarship to the Concussion Repair Course. That drops the price of course from $497 down to $248.50.

There are a few things you need to know about the course, which are all highlighted in the video above.

This course will start on August 22nd and we will meet weekly for six weeks.

Here’s what you’ll get from this program:

  • 6 Live Sessions With Dr. Dan Teaching You About The Fastest Ways to Recover From A Concussion
  • A Custom Developed Concussion Recovery Plan You Build During Those Six Weeks
  • Live Q&A With Dr. Dan After Each Lesson
  • A Private Facebook Group For Extra Support
  • Recordings Of All Lessons So You Can Re-listen And Share With Your Loved Ones
  • Most importantly, you’ll be getting the top quality information and support you need to further your healing.

Dr. Dan has spent 20 years and over $300,000 researching these topics see which protocols are the most effective to recover from a concussion quickly.

By joining this course, you’ll get the highest quality information directly from one of the top doctors in the world on this specific topic.

All for the same cost as spending an hour with an ‘average’ doctor.

So if you know you want to join this program, go ahead and fill out your information below.

Within 24 hours of receiving your payment/registration, you will receive a welcome email with the course schedule, log-in information and facebook invite.

With gratitude,

Dr Dan & Team

$250 Scholarship Discount